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Using technology to engage patients, families, and communities can improve outcomesIn many countries, healthcare professionals work long hours to care for their patients in an increasingly complex, inefficient, and stressful environment. These pressures often do not support their efforts to respond to patients’ needs as their core priority.Many companies are innovating digital technologies to transform the healthcare landscape to streamline treatments, reduce costs and empower patients to take better care of themselves and their families. To realize effective changes in healthcare provision, innovations that can be deployed throughout a country’s national health service will be crucial. These breakthrough technologies will bring the most benefits to patient empowerment as patients and doctors alike can monitor their health in real-time from anywhere in the country or abroad.Curaizon is a UK based healthcare technology company that has innovated medicine adherence technologies to tackle the problem of patients not taking their prescribed medications. There are many reasons why people do not take their medicines properly from simply forgetting to more complex reasons such as side effects and medicine’s effectiveness, or lack thereof. Curaizon’s technologies tackle all of these aspects and more as it sends patients – and their caretakers – reminders of when to take their medicines as well as alerting doctors and other caregivers of issues related to prescribed medicines.From the care perspective, doctors can amend treatment plans to give patients medicines that are more effective, or with fewer side effects. The patient data can also be used by pharmaceutical companies to develop better treatments, faster and address the side effects to benefit patients and reduce the expenses of national health services. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics and researchers can access this data is by joining Curaizon’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and purchasing CuraTokens (CTKN).Global medicine non-adherence currently stands at 50% and costs around $700 billion annually. These statistics clearly indicate that increasing the rate of adherence must be a priority for national health services in order to provide patients with better, more effective care efficiently. By utilizing Curaizon’s technologies’ health services can ensure that patients get the right care for their individual characteristics, needs, preferences, and circumstances as both are involved in the treatment process – enabling optimal care.Curaizon uses the blockchain to deliver its technologies and help save lives. Its enhanced and standardized data analysis tools can be effective in areas such as predictive medicine, patient relationship management, management of healthcare and measuring the effectiveness of certain treatments. And, as the amount of data grows, it ensures the health sciences have a better understanding of the precise nature of diseases and pathways to develop personalized treatments. Use of these new technologies will place a greater emphasis on preventive health solutions and patient-centric care. 

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