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How do insurance companies, supply chains, governments, and banks stay connected in 2018? All are experiencing the repercussions of blockchain technology. Far beyond the hype of its first deployment as a cryptocurrency, blockchain is emerging into reality as the key technology, impacting numerous industries around the globe.

Save the date of October 15-16 to discover the reality of blockchain at the BlockBeats 2018 Blockchain Conference in Munich. Together with over 60 industry experts including Alex Tapscott, Michael Casey, and Florian Glatz, we will discuss how to move blockchain projects from hype and prototypes to today’s reality.

What can you expect?

  • 60 speakers from industry-leading finance, logistics and insurance companies sharing their achievements on how they implement blockchain technology today
  • Over 40 exhibitors showcasing their latest blockchain applications in production, ready for business implementation
  • 1,300 visitors sharing the same passion as you
  • Solutions regarding burning questions of how to overcome technical implementation challenges and to create an impact with blockchain technologies in everyday business operations.

While there are still many challenges to overcome, we at BlockBeats invite you to explore with us the opportunities that blockchain presents. By joining forces, we can create the right foundations for successful industry adoption of blockchain technologies and we can ultimately turn blockchain into a reality.

See you all in October at BlockBeats – Where Blockchain Meets Reality.

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